Simple CGI counter

CAUTION: DEVELOPMENT DISCONTINUED. THIS PROGRAM NEVER WORKS ON THE LATEST VERSIONS OF WEB BROWSERS. Windows XP SP2 + Internet Explorer 6.0 cannot browse XBM pictures. This old-fashioned program is left here only for computer geeks to hack it, not for beginners.

Simple CGI Counter v1.8

"Simple CGI Counter" is the easiest-to-install counter script in the world. Each font to generate a bitmap in XBM format is included in the script.

You cannot use colourful GIF fonts, but this "built-in XBM font technology" made the installation easier. Neither installation of external library (such as gd and fly) nor LZW license by Uni$y$ is no longer needed!

Release note

v1.8 (Aug-15-2002)
  added codes to eliminate invalid meta characters
v1.7 (Mar-05-2000)
  added parameter input, now font, file, digits and inverse
  selectable from link, if called without parameters, 
  defaults are used. gk.
  added parameter recordlog and nocount by Kan-chan.
v1.6 (Feb-24-2000)
  code which generates inverse bitmap by gk.
  divided between program (main) module and font module.
v1.5 (Feb-20-2000)
  added inverse switch by gk.
  added selection of enable/disable a log function
  added inverse bitmap by gk. (7-segment LCD)
v1.4 (Feb-08-2000)
  merged normal and inverse bitmaps by gk.
  added log file by gk.
v1.3 (Feb-07-2000)
  Added $pad_to to print out fix width by gk. 
v1.2 (Jan-06-2000)
  Small bug fixes.
v1.0 (Jul-05-1999)
  First release.


Options Result

Available fonts



Thanks for gk, who helped me improve the Simple CGI Counter. His website is here.

Important notice

Before installing the program, please make sure whether your web server allows you to install your own program. I won't reply FAQ asking how to install this counter in GeoCities or any other web servers that don't allow installing your own program.