Picture Randomizer

This script chooses pictures from list at random.
You can also change appearance rate of each pictures.

Release note:
v1.1 (Feb-20-2000)
  Added appearance rate.
v1.0 (Feb-01-2000)
  First release.

Sample (This can be different picture if this page is reloaded):

(Japanese well-known doodles)
File name images/sample1.gif images/sample2.gif images/sample3.gif
Appearance rate 10/14 3/14 1/14

The following is the setting of this case.

@files = (
'images/image1.gif 10',
'images/image2.gif 3',
'images/image3.gif 1');


prand110.zip (ZIP archive for Windows)
prand110.tgz (tar+gzip archive for UNIX)