Kan-chan's Freeware Library

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DOS Applications Last Modified :
DOS app's and LHA archiver.
Windows Applications Last Modified :
Windows app's and Visual Basic run-time library (Japanese version).
Free Pics Last Modified :
Free pictures for web sites.
Digits for Access Counters Last Modified :
[Important!]WITHOUT CGI/SSI COUNTER PROGRAM, THIS WILL NEVER WORK. If you cannot install your own program to your web server, use it as a cool(?) ornament or just give up. I won't reply FAQ asking how to install this counter in GeoCities or any other web servers that don't allow installing your own program.
CGI scripts Last Modified :
[Important!]Before installing these scripts, please confirm if your web server allows installing your own CGI/SSI program. If you are not sure, please contact system administrator.
License Agreement for Free Materials
[Japanese classic Railroad Crossing Sign] (Last Modified : 02-17-2003)

First of all, my free "Materials" means pictures, stylesheets and JavaScript program released at this section.
Please feel free to use these materials in your web site without asking for my approval. I ask you these following conditions.

1. Please state your contact address in your web site, such as e-mail address and/or mail-sending form. If your web site is owned by an organization, you can state its postal address and/or phone number alternatively. Anyway, please prepare the way to contact you in private. I will not license them to anonymous website without any active contact addresses.
2. Please state the source of the material on your web site. (It can help dispel doubt to make you plagiarist. Such words may be heard by beginners of the Net.) Or alternatively, just link my web site. Please use these banners if necessary.
[Kan-chan's Freeware Library] [Kan-chan's Freeware Library]
License Agreement for Freeware
And others (DOS/Windows application, CGI/SSI scripts, etc.) are freeware. Unless otherwise indicated, you can use, duplicate, redistribute, modify them without asking for my approval. Redistribution of modified program is allowed if source program is available without any charge (except cost of medium and postage).
Some applications are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License by the Free Software Foundation.
GNU General Public License In English.
GNU General Public License Unofficial translation in Japanese.
GNU's Not Unix! Official web site of GNU project / Free Software Foundation.

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