Windows Applications

LHA is required to extract .lzh archives. You can download a copy of LHA from here.

Windows Applications
Time Machine for Windows Changes PC clock temporarily. And easy to back to the future/past. For Windows3.1/95/NT(Visual Basic 4.0 Runtime Library and Common Dialog OCX required). Includes both 16-bit/32-bit EXE files.
[Attention]There's a typo on the users manual. 32-bit version requires comdlg32.ocx(Common Dialog OCX), not comctl32.ocx.
Runtime Libraries
Visual Basic 4.0 Run-time Library (Japanese edition)
32bit (Windows95 or later/NT) - 1.3MB
16bit (Windows3.1/95 or later/NT) - 1.4MB
Required to execute program created using Visual Basic 4.0 (VB4). (Common dialog OCX is included.) Distributed by Microsoft Corp.
[Attention]According to Microsoft's License Agreement, you cannot re-distribute these Runtime Libraries.
[Attention]I'm not sure if you can run them on non-Japanese environment. Please use them at your own risk.
[How to Install] Execute vb4run32.exe (or vb4run16.exe). Install the files to system directory of Windows (Generally, C:\windows\system or C:\winnt\system32. Or it may be C:\windows\system32 on Windows XP.) That's all.


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