Glossary of Japanese Eng"r"ish

Body Feels Exit Sung by Amuro Namie. Exit what? Wanna go bathroom asap?
Calpis The name of soft drink made of milk. This word is taken from Sanskrit [meaning "the best thing" or "masterpiece"], not English. (So, this is not an Engrish word, strictly.)
Can You Celebrate? Sung by Amuro Namie. Celebrate what?
circle club.
classic classical; classical music.
DK Acronym of Dining Kitchen. dining room with a kitchen.
dubbing duplication of music tapes/CDs.
feminist (1)a man who is kind to women. (2)feminist.
Going my way Going his/her way. selfish. e.g.)He is always "Going my way". (=He is always going his way ignoring other people's advice. He is always selfish.)
green car B-class car of the train. Extra fee is required. General car is C-class. A-class is rarely seen.
handle (1)steering wheel. (2)penname on the Net.
HP Acronym of home page.
link-free "Feel free to link". Many web sites in Japan claim that they are "link-free" sites, but the meaning is quite opposite. They really mean that they want you to feel free to link their sites - not complaining of the link nor making pages with no links! :)
love hotel a hotel only for couples who want to have sex in privacy. cf. motel
klaxon horn of cars and motorbikes.
mansion condominium.
motel (1)a motel only for couples who want to have sex in privacy. cf. love hotel (2)motel. a hotel outside of Japan with garages to park cars.
my car family car.
nighter night game of baseball.
OL Acronym of Office Lady. Female office worker.
ootobai, autobicycle motorcycle.
Pocari Sweat The name of soft drink similar to Gatorade.
rink, rinku link.
romance gray gray-haired. the color of old people's hair.
shorts (1)panties. (2)shorts. trousers.
sliver age old age. From the color of old people's hair.
silver seat priority seat for older/sick people on the train.
skyline (1)Nissan's car. (2)usually named toll road on the hills. e.g. Fuji Skyline.
sports (1)sport. (2)One of the most seen English words on Japanese T-shirts and clothes.
This is a pen. (1)The phrase that was on the first page of older English textbook in Japan. (2)"I know English a little, here's one!". Just same as saying "A-I-U-E-O" "Fujiyama, geisha" "samurai, katana, harakiri" before Japanese people.
training pants (1)sweat pants. (2)trainig pants (for babies).
viking a buffet style restaurant offering as much as you can eat for a fixed price.
VTR (1)Acronym of Video Tape Recorder. (2)video tape. e.g.) Please see next VTR(=video tape). VTR, start! (announcer's voice)
young[slightly old] young people. e.g.) This song is popular among young (=young people).