Azuki-chan casts

Please note! On this page, the order of Japanese name is familyname - given name.

Noyama Azusa (Azuki-chan)

Voice : Nogami Yukana
A girl with dark hair and pigtails. A 5th grader of Minami Elementary School. She loves Yunosuke.

Ogasawara Yuunosuke (Yuunosuke-kun)

Voice : Miyazaki Issei
A transferred student. His hobbies are playing soccer and video games. There are many fans. He loves Azuki-chan.

Nishino Kaoru (Kaoru-chan)

Voice : Kawada Taeko
Azuki-chan's friend. A shy girl. Her mother is a hair-dresser. She loves Ken-chan.

Kodama Midori (Jidama)

Voice : Matsumoto Rika
Azuki-chan's friend. She don't like boys very much, but she always help girls teased by boys. She loves her grandmother.

Takahashi Tomomi (Tomo-chan)

Voice : Yukiji
Azuki-chan's friend. A monitor of the class. She loves Makoto-kun.

Sakakibara Yoko (Yoko-chan)

Voice : Sakuma Rei
A beautiful rich lady of the class. She loves Yunosuke, and she is thinking of taking him away from Azuki-chan. :)

Takayanagi Ken (Ken-chan)

Voice : Madono Mitsuaki
Makoto and Yunosuke's friend. He likes playing baseball. He coaches Daizu, Azuki's younger brother. He sometimes lifts girls' skirts, especially Azuki's, so Azuki doesn't like him. On the other hand, he likes Azuki-chan after all.

Sakaguchi Makoto (Makoto-kun)

Voice : Tsukui Kyoosei
Ken and Yunosuke's friend. An easygoing boy. He was a smart boy when he was in the 3rd grade. His mother has divorced and working at a hotel in Yokohama.

Noyama Daizu (Daizu-chan)

Voice : Kozakura Etsuko
Azuki-chan's younger brother. He is a nosy brother bothering his sister. :)

Noyama Keiko

Voice : Minaguchi Yuko
Azuki-chan's mother.