Azuki-chan Hong Kong Version

These images are from anime magazines and newspapers published in Hong Kong.

The title of Azuki-chan in Hong Kong is "Classmates" in Chinese.

Whoa! Who is "Kun-chan"? His real name is Ken...mmm! not Ken but Daizu!!

This article says that Azuki-chan and SAIMON Fumi's "Dokyusei (classmates)" has the same title in Hong Kong.
Here's my translation of introduction of characters, with a poor grasp of the Chinese language. :)

Jidama - An active girl of the class.
Makoto-kun - A "poker-faced" boy admitting that he doesn't like girls.
Kaoru-chan - A mild, good and the most beautiful girl of the class.
Azuki-chan - Heroine, 5th grader of Elementary School
Yunosuke-kun - A transferred student. A mild-mannered boy.
Yoko - A rich girl acting high-handedly.
Kun(?)-chan - Cocky and competitive.
Tomo-chan - Leader of the class, a "big sister" of everybody.

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Broadcasted by ATV : Sat. and Sun., 17:30-18:00 (finished)
See Azuki-chan page in Chinese, written with Chinese Big-5 code.