Azuki-chan Museum

Made by Kan-chan / Azuki-chan for Windows Project

Azuki-chan - Animated GIF

Azuki-chan Parody Series

Parody No.1:Chooshi Ii Hito. (a pun of "Ii Hito.")
[Makoto: I've come here as fast as I could, but I got a bit too late!"]
[Ken: It's because you overslept, isn't it?]

Parody No.2:Azuki Age (a pun of "Aqua Age (Mizuiro Jidai)")

Illustration No.1: "Wipe out your tears" Kaoru and Ken.

Azuki-chan - icons

Please see on the Windows PC.

Kan-chan's Azuki-chan icons

Icon files for Microsoft Windows which is created by Kan-chan. Click the link above to download this file and next double-click the file on your file manager or explorer, then you can get their icons.
Chappy's Macintosh version of these icons are available at Yunosuke Network.
Daniel in Spain made Macintosh edition of these icons, too. (But I'm not sure you can download; I don't have a Mac :-) ) [Download]

AzukiAmp - Azuki-chan WinAmp Skin


Yi Shu's Azuki-chan WinAmp Skin files. Azuki becomes the background of your WinAmp (MP3 player)!
Click the link above to download this file and next extract the file using ZIP file extractor (e.g. WinZip) to WinAmp\Skins folder(C:\Program Files\winamp\Skins by default).
Online manual(readme.txt) is written in Chinese(Big5). You have to install MSIE 3.0 or 4.0, and Chinese font to view the file most cheaply!