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The Story

Noyama Azusa, a 5th grader girl who has dark hair with pretty pigtails, is called Azuki-chan, meaning "red bean." It's because she was called "Azuki" wrongly when she was a 1st grader (Japanese character "sa" and "ki" are similar). She didn't like the nickname very much, but something which changed her mind happened...

One day, the transferred student called Yuunosuke-kun came to the class Azuki belongs. The day she was teased by a boy called Ken-chan about her nickname. Happily, Yuunosuke passed by and she became the first girl in the class whom the name was memorized by Yuunosuke!
How happy Azuki was! She fell in love with him and thought, "It's so nice to have such a unique nickname."

But Yunosuke is really a cool guy, so Azuki was jealous when she saw him chatting happily with other girls. When does he realize her love?


[Azuki-chan main characters: picture by Kan-chan]

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