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On my page, the order of Japanese people's names in English are the same as that in Japanese, surname - given name.
e.g. Tezuka Osamu, Fujiko Fujio, Miyazaki Hayao
(Older articles may still keep [given name - surname] order...)
I think that exchanging the order of Japanese people's names is an old custom in 19th century. :)
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These page are written in Japanese. Sorry for inconvenience.
Flower Field of Chitchi and Sally Pages about "Chiisana Koi no Monogatari (A Tiny Love Story)" by Mitsuhashi Chikako.
Chiba Tetsuya's Shojo Manga (girls' comics)[under construction] Chiba Tetsuya was not only a cartoonist known as his work "Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow's Joe)"! But there are so many shojo manga works of his, such as Mama's Violin, Lina, etc.!
Kashihon Manga ('50s & '60s rental manga) Pages Undocumented world of '50s/'60s manga! Mangas published by minor manga publishers, such as Wakagi Shobo, Tokyo Manga Shuppan-sha, Akebono Shuppan, etc.
There are sooo many major cartoonist who belonged to minor manga company before.
Introduction, comments (including pics of each books), (incomplete) lists, etc.
Anime or "TV Manga"
The Mama4 Database

Subtitles in Chinese(Big5) under construction

[The Mama4 Database] A page related to the animation show "Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei", aired on 1992 by Nihon TV network.
This takes some interesting topics, such as husband-wife working families, stepfamilies, generation gap between parents and children, medical care in Africa, environmental disruption, and so on.
The Azuki-iro Database

also has Chinese(Big5) page!

[The Azuki-chan Database] Azuki-chan... An innocent (and nostalgic, for we grown-ups) love story between Azuki-chan and Yunosuke-kun.
Some says it's similar to "Chibi Maruko-chan," but it has no black jokes; has comedy played mainly by Azuki-chan and her brother Daizu, instead. Rather similar to "Chiisana Koi no Monogatari (A Small Love Story)" by Chikako Mitsuhashi.


"Do you know that Japanese movies are so famous and popular all over the world?"
Many Japanese people would reply, "You're kidding! Even we Japanese think they're boring! Why people living in foreign countries think so!"

But do not forget one exception - it's "anime." It's so famous that the word "anime" (called in Japanese for short) is already an English word! Not many Japanese people realize that, but it's REALLY famous all over the world.
Also, anime is now NOT only for kids. Now there are some masterpieces that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy.

To tell the truth, I don't watch anime very much. When I was young I didn't watch so many, either. There are very few TV series that I watched almost all of the episodes. When I was a student, there were some anime fans around me. And I hardly could understand what they talked about. I thought to myself, "Why they love such shows?" But now, I sometimes enjoy some anime films.
Some may imagin Gundam, Dragon Ball and Sailormoon when they hear of anime fan. But anime is not only fighting robots or magical girls (I hardly watch such anime).
For example, there are many created by Osamu Tezuka, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. I'd love to watch some of them if I've got a chance. There are really so good ones that I regret I missed watching them.
And what about TV anime? There are some masterpieces, too. For example, "Akachan to Boku (The Baby and I)" was recently aired in Japan. This is a story of a 5th grader boy who takes care of a baby with his father because his mother died. Please watch it if you got a chance!

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