Mama4 Updates

(Mar 1997)

Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei only event "Plus One"

Mama4 fan magazine/software market is held on April 13, 1997, 11:00- at "Nippon Shunju Kaikan" (1 minute's walk from Takadababa station) .

(Mar 1997)

Mama4 Fan CD: Yumegaoka Active Theater 97 (YAT97)

Winter, 1995... "Yumegaoka Shogakko Ongaku-sai"
Summer, 1996... "Yumegaoka Natsu-matsuri"

And this spring... "Yumegaoka Active Theater 97" !
(no relation between this and Yamamoto's space travel company <g> [*])
This CD contains new arrange of Mama4 BGMs, images, novels, links to Mama4 sites, etc. This will be sold at "Plus One", 2,000 yen a copy.

[*] a pun of an anime show "YAT Anshin! Uchu-ryoko" recently aired by NHK network :)

(Aug 1996)

Yumegaoka Natsu-matsuri -Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei Ongaku/CG/Komono-shu

(Yumegaoka Summer Festival -Mama is a 4th Grader Music/Images/Tools)

An original CD that contains unreleased pieces.

Many excellent pieces - including "Kono ai o Mirai e" and "Yumegaoka no Kibou."
Two "Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei" soundtrack CDs released by Victor(Japan) are now available at CD stores. But there aren't so many pieces on the CDs. There are also many good pieces that are used at the program but unreleased.
This is a CD that contains unreleased pieces using MIDI instrument. And not only music - but cute images, Windows applications(*) and novels!
(*)by Kan-chan :-)
This summer, the CD was released at Comic Market 50 (Aug.3-4 / Ariake Kokusai Tenji-jo(Ariake International Exhibition Hall) [Tokyo Big Site]). I've heard that the CDs were sold out as quick as a wink, and there were some orders from people who couldn't get them, too.

I'm going to show you which pieces were released on the CD.

Yumegaoka Natsu-matsuri -Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei Ongaku/CG/Komono-shu

(Yumegaoka Summer Festival -Mama is a 4th Grader Music/Images/Tools)
Artist : Yumegaoka Mirai Orchestra (Y.M.O.)
1(CD-ROM data track)
2Time MachineTime MachineM048
3Haruka-naru Nagare no Naka deWithin the Long Current of TimeM046
4Ai o +(Plus) OneLove is for the "Plus One"inst. 2M001
6Osumashi Mirai-chanPrim Mirai-chanM003
7Yume-miru Tenshi-tachiDreaming AngelsM057
8Ashita mo Kitto...Tomorrow, for Sure...M060
9TsuisekiThe ChaseM015
10TatakaiThe FightM058
11Samayoeru Tensai KagakushaWandering ScientistM110
12Natsumi no ThemeNatsumi's ThemePreview Ver.M018
13Tensai! Eji-sanEji-san the GeniusM047
15Yume no DoorDream DoorE.Piano Ver.M068
16TomadoiPerplexed HeartM055
17FureaiComing in ContactCD Ver.M042
18Yumegaoka no KibouYumegaoka's HopeCD Ver.M033
19Kono Ai o Mirai eThis Love is for the Futureinst.M021
20Tanoshii JikanJoyful TimeM044
21Fushigi no Kuni no JuliettaJulietta in WonderlandM083
22Oyasumi Mirai-chanGood Night Mirai-chanM007
23Brahms no Komori-utaBrahms' LullabyStory 32 Ver.M039
24DAISUKE FILMDaisuke FilmM097
25Akachan 'tte Kawaii!How Cute the Baby is!----
26Raiun no Shita deUnder the ThundercloudM049
27Hoshizora no KiokuMemories of the Starry SkyM051
28FureaiComing in ContactStrings Ver.M079
30Omoide wa Toki o KoeteMemory Link Beyond the TimeM113
31Honnori LoveMild LoveM014
32Mozart Piano Sonata K.545Mozart Piano Sonata K.545M037
33BLOODY STARLIGHTBloody StarlightX-JAPAN arr.----
34DREAM DOORDream DoorLight Fusion arr.----
35Mirai no ThemeMirai's ThemePiano Concerto arr.----
36Yumegaoka no KibouYumegaoka's HopeOrchestra Ver.----
(*1)Named by Y.M.O.
(*2)Translated by Kan-chan.
(*3)BGM numbers by Mr.Iwamoto. (See also " Tatsuya Iwamoto's Homepage (Japanese).")

Contents of the Data Track

Contents Description
Images BMP/JPEG/MAG format pictures.
MIDI files Standard MIDI format files.
Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei BGM List The BGM list of all episodes (including drama CD).
Novel: "Mirai no Yume (Mirai's Dream)" An original novel.
Windows Applications Winkin' Mirai-chan, Time Machine for Windows.
Parody Songs(^^;