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* "Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei (Mama is a 4th Grader)" is called "Mama4" for short.

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What's Mama4 Introduction of Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei.
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Discography CDs of Mama4 BGMs and mini-drama.
Episode Guide A copy from the late Mama4 site by Mr Harold Ancell.
Goods On 1992, there WERE sooo many Mama4-related goods!
(Most of them are no longer sold and too hard to find. I don't have most of them listed here. I'm sorry you cannot order them online.)
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About 'The Mama4 Database'
This is a page related to the animation show "Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei" which was aired on 1992 by Nihon TV network.
To tell the truth, I, who created this page am not so familiar with girls' anime. I watched only 10 episodes of "Mama wa Shogaku 4-nensei (Mama is a 4th Grader)" when it was aired. (there were 51 episodes aired). But the story impressed on my memory and I can remember them even now. (Additional note: I finally watched all episodes on video cassette recently!)
Husband-wife working families, stepfamilies, generation gap between parents and children, and so on. The story takes some problems related to them usually seen in the families. Although I wouldn't watch girlish manga or anime very much, Mama4 was an exception.
Also, watching it gave me a chance to have interest in music used by animation works. I haven't listened to so many theme music of girls' anime - except "Un Blanc Jour d'un Chaton (Im Prater Bluehn Wider die Baeume)" that Richard Clayderman played on the piano. (The title of the anime movie in Japanese is "Wata no Kuni Boshi")
Many excellent classical music-like pieces are used by Mama4. For example, "Kono Ai o Mirai e (This Love is for the Future)" taken from a Mozart Piano Sonata. And "Yumegaoka no Kibou (Yumegaoka's Hope)" expressing freedom and joy. Please listen to the music if you have a chance!
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