Mama4 Episode 2: "Watashi ga MAMA na no ?" (Am I the mom ?)

Aired : 17 Jan 1992 OP: Ai wo PLUS ONE (Masuda Hiromi) ED: Kono ai wo mirai he (Masuda Hiromi) KW: Compact, locket, time slip, diapers, sausage, bathroom trap GC: Elder Natsumi, Papa, Hanada [rev.2, thanks to Harold Ancell]

[quick summary from previous episode 1]

Natsumi and Izumi hear the compact beep from under the table. Wondering what this might be, they suddently hear, among strong interference, the voice of a panic-stricken woman, yelling: "hello ? hello ? is there anybody there ? hello ??..".

[title screen]

The morning after, Natsumi is packing up her stuff to go to London, including the presents she got yesterday from Eriko and Daisuke, when Mirai wakes up and starts screaming at once, waking up Izumi as well. All Mirai needs is to have her diapers changed. Natsumi has never done this before, but eventually manages to make a diaper with some of Izumi's favourite T-shirts; thankfully Bobby is on guard to prevent Izumi from kicking Natsumi out.

Now that Mirai is quietly drinking her milk, Izumi laughs at Natsumi for planning to take Mirai to London with her. Natsumi plans to hide Mirai in a large bag with enough milk to make her sleep during the flight, but she has forgotten the problem of Mirai's passport. Anyway, she now decides not to go to London and stay here to nurse Mirai, reminding Izumi the voice they heard from the compact; this person might be Mirai's mother. Another problem is Natsumi has to go to school, but she is relying on Izumi to take care of Mirai while she's at school. Izumi puts out her tongue, saying in no way will she.

Then they hear the door bell ring. It's their neighbour Hanada-san, a sneaky woman, who has come because yesterday night she heard the voice of a baby. Izumi quickly makes up a story, saying she's single and there's no baby here, and slams the door shut behind her, to find Natsumi ready to go to school, handing out the baby to her, telling Bobby to make sure that Izumi won't run away [remember that Izumi hates dogs as much as babies]. Then Natsumi leaves.

Her schoolmates are very surprised to see her back so soon, and she's about to tell them the whole story about Mirai, when their teacher comes back, a bit worried that Natsumi's mother told him nothing about her not going to London after all. Natsumi begs him to let her stay, so he does. Daisuke is the only one who doesn't look very happy at her return.

At home, Izumi is about to work on her manga, but Mirai sneaks in and tickles her feet, making her laugh aloud and fall off her chair. The noise draws Bobby there, barking at Izumi. She then pulls a so scary face at Mirai that it makes the baby girl scream aloud. Taking Mirai in her arms, Izumi sees that the baby's heart-shaped "MM" locket has started beeping and flashing.

At school, Natsumi is playing volleyball with her friends, when she hears the compact beep. It pops open, and in the small mirror inside, the shape of a baby, crying, forms. Natsumi doesn't know what to think of it.

[CM break]

She then thinks that it might be Mirai who is screaming. So she dashes away and hurries back home. There, Izumi is doing her best to make Mirai stop crying, but at the end she almost loses her temper. So Bobby starts barking and chases her around. Natsumi is thankfully back and takes Mirai in her arms, wondering aloud what Izumi did to her to make her cry that much.

Mirai is still crying and doesn't seem to calm down, so Natsumi spots Daisuke's present, the musical box, and opens it. Its cute little music quickly soothes Mirai's sorrow, making the locket stop flashing.

--Note: the musical box plays the instrumental version of the ED theme.

Izumi tells her that the locket started beeping when Mirai started crying, so Natsumi, opening the compact and seeing that the picture of Mirai has vanished, realizes that the compact and the locket might be linked to each other and tell at once when something is wrong with the baby. Then Natsumi remembers that recess is over and that classes have begun, and hurries back school.. where she is punished for being late.

At home, now that Mirai is sleeping quietly, Izumi complains that she cannot get back to work at all in such ambiance. So she decides to lure Bobby with a sausage hooked to a transparent thread, on which she pulls and eventually locks Bobby in the bathroom. So _now_ she can leave the house, dressed up like a thief, hiding Mirai, asleep, under her trenchcoat. But, unbeknownst to her, the locket has started flashing again, making the compact flash as well, warning Natsumi that something's wrong with Mirai. But no picture forms in the mirror, so Natsumi doesn't know what's going on.

Anyway she decides to leave and check by herself, but has to hide as she meets the Principal on her way out (since she should still be kept in). And as she gets back home, she realizes that there's nobody home. She's about to lose hope, when she hears Bobby barking. She sets him free, and begs him to follow Izumi's track.

A bit farther, Izumi is worried because she has to pass in front of a policeman on duty, when she hears Bobby barking from behind and stopping in front of her, while Natsumi arrives and blocks her.

Back home, Natsumi yells at Izumi for willing to hand Mirai back (to the policeman probably). Izumi retorts that it's fine for Natsumi to nurse Mirai, but that helping out is none of Izumi's business. Natsumi wickedly replies that her mother told her that Izumi had been evicted from the apartment where she was living, thus either she quietly stays at Natsumi's house or she leaves at once.

This angers Izumi, so she picks up the phone and starts to reach Natsumi's parents in London. To stop her, Natsumi bites her aunt's forearm. They then start to fight against each other pretty seriously. In their "pro-wrestling" fight, the compact drops on the floor, pops open, and the same woman's voice is heard: "Hello? do you hear me? anybody? is there anybody there? reply, please!".

Natsumi picks up the compact and replies: "Hello, I am Mizuki Natsumi. Who are you ?". Then the other woman replies: "What the heck is that ? I also am Mizuki Natsumi !". This freezes Natsumi.

Say, Madam, who are you ? Why do you and I have the same name ? Are you the mother of the baby ?
Woman's voice
The baby.. the baby's with you ? Is she all right ?
She's all right, see.. (she hands the compact to Mirai, who "speaks" in it)
(sigh) I'm so relieved..
Man's voice
I'm the father of the baby. Natsumi-chan, please tell us more about you, in detail.
In detail ?..
Yes, introduce yourself !
I see.. I'm Mizuki Natsumi, a 4th grade schoolgirl, in the Class 2 at the Yumegaoka elementary school.
WHAT ? 4th grade schoolgirl, in the Class 2 at the Yumegaoka elementary school ??
Impossible.. Is.. is the teacher in charge of your class Ookawa-sensei ?
That's him, Ookawa-sensei ! But, Madam, how comes do you know that ??
Let's say.. that the baby is a child from the future, and that she slipped in time.
(stunned) TIME SLIP ???
Over here this is the year 2007. The baby has somehow slipped from our present time to yours.
Year 2007 ???
Can't be ???
Natsumi-chan, I'm your own self, 15 years older.
EEHH ????
I'll find a way to bring the baby back here. Until then, please take care of her. And do not tell anyone about her.
Natsumi-chan, you're my own self when I was schoolgirl. Then please take care of the baby. This means.. Waah ! We don't have much time left.. Please take care.. of the baby !
Hey wait ! Wait ! Madam !!..

But her voice has vanished in a final burst of interference.

Natsumi, looking closely at Mirai, spots the pink ring that holds the baby's hairlock. She realizes that she made it last year, but then lost it and didn't know where it went to. So Mirai might really be the baby she'll have in 15 years. She's even more determined to nurse her now, but Izumi thinks that having this baby from the future in their present time might change history, and the future of Mirai, her own wedding etc..

Natsumi realizes they forgot to ask the name of the baby, but since she's her mother, she'll pick one: "That's it ! Since she came from the future ["mirai" in Japanese], I'll call her Mirai-chan !". The baby seems to be very pleased with her name.

At night, while Mirai is sleeping, Natsumi writes into her diary that today she told her father's company, much to their surprise, that she won't go to London, and tomorrow she'll give a call to her mother to tell her that she wants to stay in Japan.

"Can you believe this ? I'm only 10 years old, but I've become a mom !"

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