Mama4 Episode 5: "Mirai no PAPA ha dare ?" (Who is Mirai's father ?)

Aired : 7 Feb 1992 OP: Ai wo PLUS ONE (Masuda Hiromi) ED: Kono ai wo mirai he (Masuda Hiromi) KW: Soccer game, date, goal GC: Tamae, Eriko, Taihei

[title screen]

There's a soccer game to be played next Sunday at 10 AM. Fukazawa-kun, the "playboy of the class", claims to have practised a better shoot than Daisuke's, the team's regular shooter. More, he will dedicate it to his feminine supporters that he begs to come and support them during the game. Natsumi, overwhelmed with joy, is looking forward to seeing him on the field.

Sunday comes. Natsumi changes Mirai's diapers and prepares her milk, for she's going out to the game. Just as she's about to leave, Izumi sneaks in to ask her.. to take care of the baby for today.

Izumi's yesterday's plans were to stay home and work on her manga, but she is now going on a date with someone with whom she's not in love but who will certainly help out on her manga's way to fame. To calm Natsumi down, Izumi swears her she'll treat her nicely if things turn out as well as expected, and leaves a stunned and desperate Natsumi behind.

Natsumi is at stake, realizing she won't be able to go and watch the game, so she resigns herself to stay home and play with Mirai, when her friends Tamae and Eriko give her a call, wondering what she's doing as the game is about to start. Natsumi makes up her mind and decides to bring Mirai along to the playfield when Eriko tells her that Fukazawa-kun was wondering where she was too. Then she leaves, hiding the baby under a large raincoat.

The game starts, but Natsumi is nowhere to be seen. Eriko is about to go and look for her, when Daisuke shows up, with his younger brother Taihei hanging to him. To be able to play, Daisuke asks Tamae to take care of his brother.

Hiding themselves in the grass around the playfield, Natsumi, Mirai and Bobby are enjoying the game. Daisuke's first shoot is a miss, so Natsumi stands up and yells at him. Eriko, then Tamae, spot her in the grass, wondering what she's doing there, so Tamae decides to go and see by herself. All Natsumi finds is to hide Mirai in an old large apple box, with Bobby on guard by the baby, then she shows up.

Fukazawa-kun eventually scores a goal, cheered up by all the girls around.

Bobby, still on guard, spots in the distance a dog cutie and runs after her, forgetting all about Mirai, who tips the box and creeps out of the grass..

[CM break]

The other team, the Red Socks, also scores the goal. The girls are too busy to see Taihei, not interested in the game, walking toward the grass.

There, Mirai has come in sight and want to play with a cat, but pulling on his whiskers makes him dash away. Mirai is now "playing" with (rather bothering) Taihei, pulling on his shorts. Taihei drops one of his shoes, and when he tries to take it back, Mirai slaps him and throws the shoe at him, making him cry.

On the field, a member of Daisuke's team gets injured, and since they have no substitutes, Fukazawa-kun asks Natsumi to play with them, even if Daisuke is against girls playing among them.

Taihei, trying to run away from Mirai, climbs uphill but slips and falls backwards, dragging Mirai along downhill. Both land on top of each other right behind one of the goals, with Mirai crying her eyes out.

In the middle of the game, the badge starts beeping in Natsumi's pocket. She opens it and the picture of Mirai, crying, forms in the mirror.

Taihei, who has spotted his brother, runs at him and hugs him hard, refusing to leave the playground. But Mirai has followed him and the game is stopped.

First Natsumi rushes up and takes Mirai in her arms, but when everyone asks her where this baby comes from and whose baby she is, she pretends not to know her. But Mirai has seen Daisuke and unexpectedly smiles at him while she tries to grab his skirt, until Daisuke takes her in her arms. Fukazawa-kun says that Mirai looks like Daisuke's own baby. Of course Natsumi strongly disagrees.

To resume the game, Daisuke leaves the baby to Eriko. The next move shows Natsumi's great soccer skills. She makes a forward pass to Daisuke who shoots but the ball bounces against the goal post. Daisuke yells at Natsumi to shoot again and she scores the goal of the victory, since the referee soon whistles for the end of the game. Overwhelmed with joy, Natsumi and Daisuke fall in each other's arms, until they blush, realizing what they are doing. There is now an even bigger smile on Mirai's face.

When time comes to go back home, Natsumi pretends she just remembered a woman who was looking for her baby earlier. She takes Mirai in her arms and runs back home. There, she feeds the baby, remembering how happy Mirai was to be in Daisuke's arms. "In no way can she be his baby!", she yells to herself.

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