Digits for Access Counters

[Important!]WITHOUT CGI/SSI COUNTER PROGRAM, THIS WILL NEVER WORK. If you cannot install your own program to your web server, use it as a cool(?) ornament or just give up. I won't reply FAQ asking how to install this counter in GeoCities or any other web servers that don't allow installing your own program.

Here are what you should know before installing your own counter;
How to install a CGI/SSI program. A digit itself is just a digit itself without counter program. If you use the digits as a counter, not just an ornament, you have to install a counter program in your web server.
Which counter program you are going to install. If you don't have any, here's one. (Simple SSI counter)
Whether your web server allows you to install your own program. If not, select a number as you like and use the digits as a telling-a-lie counter (666 is recommended). Just paste the digits in your home page. Of course, the counter is a fixed number and will count only once.
How to install "gd" or "fly" library, if the program requires. The library merges PNG/GIF images.

PNG format

The latest version of gd (graphic library) now supports only PNG format instead of GIF. It no longer supports GIF files which has problems related to LZW patent by UNI$Y$.

Name Archive Sample Description
7-segment LED dp7seg.zip
7-segment LED (Red) dp7seg_r.zip
7-segment LED (Green) dp7seg_g.zip
7-segment LED (Light Blue) dp7seg_b.zip
Flap dgflap.zip Old electric digital clock.

GIF format

Name Archive Sample Description
7-segment LED dg7seg.zip
7-segment LED (Red) dg7seg_r.zip
7-segment LED (Green) dg7seg_g.zip
7-segment LED (Light Blue) dg7seg_b.zip
EVA-01 dgeva01.zip
For otaku of Japanese famous anime, "Neon Genesis Evangelion".
Braille dgbrail.zip Braille.
Tokyo-3 dgtokyo3.zip Chinese characters.
Bangkok dgbangko.zip Thai.
Cosmos dgcosmos.zip
Notebook dgnotebk.zip
Star dgstar.zip
Puffy-70s dgpuf70s.zip
Flap dgflap.zip Old electric digital clock.

Here is a sample of EVA-01.

Counter program

Simple SSI counter is here!

If you are looking for other counter scripts, seek Yahoo! / Common Gateway Interface (CGI).
Matt's Script Archive is one of the most famous pages that have useful CGI/SSI scripts.


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