Mama4 Casts

NOTE : The order of the names on this page are the same as that of Japanese, family name - given name.

Mizuki Natsumi

Voice : Koorogi Satomi
Mirai's mother in the future.


Voice : Yoshida Rihoko
A future baby from the year 2007.

Shimamura Izumi

Voice : Ikura Kazu
Natsumi's aunt. Living with Natsumi and Mirai.


Voice : Yamazaki Takumi
Natsumi's brown dog.

Mizuki Koozaburoo

Voice : Tahara Aruno
Natsumi's father who has gone to London.

Mizuki Ruriko

Voice : Kawashima Chiyoko
Natsumi's mother who has gone to London.

Yamaguchi Daisuke

Voice : Takano Urara
One of Natsumi's friends. He often quarrels with Natsumi, but he really helps Natsumi a lot.

Yamaguchi Daihei

Voice : Hayashi Tamao
Daisuke's stepbrother.

Yamaguchi Sawako

Voice : Shimamoto Sumi
Daisuke's stepmother.

Mori Tamae

Voice : Maruo Tomoko
One of Natsumi's friends. Her father has a Chinese restaurant.

Tachibana Eriko

Voice : Shiratori Yuri
One of Natsumi's friends. She's really a good pianist. She played the Mozart piano sonata (K.545).

Fukazawa Ryuuichi

Voice : Shinohara Akemi
One of Natsumi's classmates. Natsumi secretly loves him...


Voice : Kanemaru Jun'ichi
Natsumi's classmate who came from Italy. He's well-known as a boy who kissed on Natsumi's cheek when he came to the class Natsumi belongs.


Voice : Sakamoto Chinatsu
Mario's sister. Mirai, Daihei and Julietta are friends.

Hanada Hideo

Voice : Yamaguchi Kappei
Natsumi's classmate who lives near her house. He is one of Doc Eji's assistants.

Hanada Midori

Voice : Kyouda Hisako
Hideo's mother. A nosy neighbour.

Ono Tsuru

Voice : Yamada Reiko
An assistant principal of Yumegaoka Elementary School.

Mr Ookawa

Voice : Cha-Fuu-Rin (parody of "Chaplin"?)
A homeroom teacher of Natsumi's class.


Voice : Nagai Ichiroo
A mad scientist. Making a time machine.
His name is Eji-san, not Edison.


Voice : Makishima Naoki
Eji's robot assistant.
He says "Kip-poo! Kip-poo!"


Voice : Ootsuka Yoshitada
A journalist of The Weekly Dust magazine.
His motto is "What is most important is being popular."
He really is yokoshima na hito (a wicked one).

The Yumegaoka Town

This is just outside of Tokyo, along a private railroad line, Yumegaoka. The town is just 20 yrs old in 1992.
Then, where is Yumegaoka? It may be in Chiba or Kanagawa or Saitama or Ibaraki, but nothing is told...

Here are some known things...
- The nearest international airport from Yumegaoka is Shirota Airport (a pun of Narita Airport).
- 20 years ago Shin-Yumegaoka Railroad Station was made. Since then, old railroad line and Yakuma Hill Tunnel haven't been used.
- Dreamhill Primary School in London is a sister school of Yumegaoka (meaning 'Dreamhill') Elementary School...
- Yumegaoka has a hill called Yakuma Hill.